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Lab report's steps

1) Title
2) Introduction
3) Materials
4) Procedure
5) Results
6) Discussion
7) Conclusion

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More about liquids' diffusion

Check out this cool science experiment video that focuses on the process of diffusion.
Diffusion involves molecules moving from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration. In this experiment the diffusion of food coloring in hot and cold water shows how temperature effects the rate of diffusion, with the process being much faster in hot water than in cold water.


To understand how diffusion works, you need to understand the kinetic theory of matter. According to this theory, all atoms and molecules are in constant random motion. This gives them energy of motion, also called kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of atoms and molecules is detected by humans as heat. As a substance is heated, the atoms and molecules move faster, and their kinetic energy increases. Furthermore, the constant random motion of atoms and molecules causes adjacent substances to become evenly mixed together.

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